Rc car smoke system with smoke bombs, cheap!

Picture of Rc car smoke system with smoke bombs, cheap!
In this instructable I will show you how to make a smoke system for your rc car using smoke bombs. I will be doing this project on my Losi Mini T/Baja. I cant gaurantee this will work with every car because of what parts the body might cover. Feel free to make changes to make this design better.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need:

Rc car



Duct tape

Smoke bombs

Half of plastic easter egg

Lighter (Not pictured)

Step 2: Building the sides

Picture of Building the sides
To build the sides of the holder for the smoke bomb, I suggest 3 toothpicks taped with duct tape. Make sure the three toothpicks are shaped in a Triangle formation. (Two on the bottom and one sitting on top of the other two) The reason to make the Triangle shape is so it creats a sort of "Splint" that will prevent the structure from bending. I used 6 toothpicks for each side. (I taped 3 sets together for each side but use how ever many you feel looks good or is necessary) Repeat the process for both sides using the same amount of toothpicks for each side.

Step 3: Building the top

Picture of Building the top
Almost done! To build the top simply make the same Triangle formation as you did for the sides. I only used 3 toothpicks since there was a small distance between the two sides but you can add more if necessary.

Step 4: Connecting the smoke bomb holder

Picture of Connecting the smoke bomb holder
This part is extremly simple. Remeber when I said you need half of a plastic easter egg? Here is where you will use it. Simply put a piece of duct tape on the egg, then wrap the rest of the tape around the top part of the structure you built in the step before this one.
JACKBARRY2 years ago
cool but where im from we cant just buy them at our supermarket where can i get them from australia
Zlash (author)  JACKBARRY2 years ago
Hmmm. I live in the US so I wouldnt be to sure. My best guess would be for you to check a party store and see if they sell any. You could also try ordering them online I think.