Step 5: Attaching Structure to the Car

For my car, I took the ends of both bundles of toothpicks and put them into the rear suspension arms. DO NOT CRAM OR BEND THE ARMS! They can be bent and broken if they are plastic. If they are aluminium I wouldnt worry that much but I wouldnt reccomend bending them either. (Im not responsable for any damage you cause to the car yourself because I did it myself without breaking anything so its possible.) Then once I had each piece in place where I wanted it, I simply wrapped duct tape around each side of the structure and then curled the rest of the tape underneath the Suspension arm. Make sure no tape is touching your dogbones or it will bind up the drive system and wear out the tranny or burn up the ESC or the Motor.  
<p>I live in New Zealand and i can buy stacks of them bro!</p>
cool but where im from we cant just buy them at our supermarket where can i get them from australia
Hmmm. I live in the US so I wouldnt be to sure. My best guess would be for you to check a party store and see if they sell any. You could also try ordering them online I think.

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