Introduction: Rc Suitcase/ Travel Case Cheap

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This instructable wil show you how to adjust a suitcase for carrying rc and giving it a nice look.

Everything the suitcase is made of is in the average home.

It carries my Revell Atomium quadcopter and it's transmitter+ some small stuff.
(if you wonder where 1 of the rotors went, i broke it and I'm still waiting for the parts I ordered online)

Step 1: Parts and Materials

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You will need:

  • cardboard
  • large tape
  • an old suitcase(I used a toy suitcase)
  • Paint and some brushes(spraypaint can also be used)
  • stickers(optional)

Step 2: Organizing the Suitcase

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Use strips of cardboard to store your transmitter, vehicle and maybe a little box for smal stuff.

Also I use a suitcase with paper holders so i could put the users guide and the bill in the suitcase.

Step 3: Painting!

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Most fun part of this instructable!

Use a nice colour of paint to decorate the suitcase.(I used yellow acrylic paint)
Also you can add nice stickers to decorate it.
I also put on a label with name, adress, phone etc. Cover the labl with clear tape or put it in plastic to protect it from water.

Step 4: Done!

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Place your gear in the suitcase and your done!

Please let me know what you think:)

Have fun with your rc!


omnibot (author)2014-06-16

Nice work. Simple, basic and functional.

peter---peter (author)omnibot2014-06-16

thank you

Great idea! I love the color and decorations too!

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