Re-Pairing Your Ember





Introduction: Re-Pairing Your Ember

Autodesk's Ember is awesome, but like all hardware it is prone to human error.

If you happen to lose your printer sharing code, misspell your printer name, or you just thought of a cooler name for your Ember, there's a simple process you can follow to fix your problem.

For instructions on how to pair an Ember that is not currently paired, check out the support page here, Pairing Ember. This instructable assumes your printer is currently paired.

Step 1: Warning

This process will also reset the wi-fi hotspot created by Ember, so you will need to look for the new wi-fi after you re-pair the printer.

Step 2: Required Items


  • USB to mini-USB cord
  • Ember printer that is currently paired

Software (PC):

Software (Mac):

  • Terminal

Step 3: SSH Into Ember (Windows)

Once connected to your Ember by wire, bring up Putty and connect to

When prompted for login, type


Note: If the connection does not work at first, wait a minute and try again. Your computer may not have connected to the Ember yet.

Step 4: SSH Into Ember (Mac)

Once connected to your Ember by wire, bring up terminal and type

ssh root@

Note: If you have a Remote Host Identification error, shown in the second picture, follow these steps

cd .ssh
rm known_hosts
ssh root@192.168.72

(At prompt)


Step 5: Remove Activation File

Once logged in, simply type the following text to remove the activation file from your Ember.

Take note of the space between rm and /var/...

rm /var/local/smith_state

If you have issues, you can also try the following command

rm /var/local/wpa-roam.conf

Step 6: Reset Ember

Once that's finished, power cycle your ember by removing and re-attaching the power cord.

Step 7: Follow Original Pairing Instructions

Now your Ember is good as new and ready to be re-paired, re-named, and re-loved.

Just follow the original pairing instructions from here on.



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    Thanks for letting me know. Everything is in order now.

    The link to the original pairing instructions in Step 7 is broken. Can you update it?

    Thanks for pointing that out. The link has been updated.


    after all steps are done how can I connect to Ember WiFi again (I can't see it among the possible connections anymore)?

    Thank you in advance!

    Hi AlbertoD9,

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I discussed this with our firmware guys and collected a couple thoughts.

    If you saw the WiFi before re-pairing, then you should be able to see it now. It will however have a new network name in your WiFi search.

    If you are connecting the Ember to through WiFi instead of Ethernet then you will no longer see the Ember network in your WiFi search. If this is the case you can still connect to the Ember wirelessly by navigating to it's IP address (found by holding the left button) through your internet browser.

    If neither of these help, let me know so we can continue to troubleshoot.


    thanks for your answer!

    So, to clarify the situation:

    -I was able to see Ember WiFi connection and I did the set up wirelessy (no Ethernet), though the printer didn't display the Code;

    -I then did the re-pariring procedure but now I can't see the WiFi, also the available connections are all previously known to me;

    -The Ethernet set up didn't work for me (my University set up a port which should work but I guess I can't be 100% sure);

    -I still can print via USB cable and the printer works perfectly.

    Thanks again,

    Hi Alberto,

    I talked with our support engineer and it turns out he's solved this problem in the following post on the Ember forum. Just scroll to the bottom and follow Cappie's directions for removing wpa-roam. Once removed, you should see the WiFi network again and if you'd like to pair with follow these instructions.

    This problem only occurs when the Ember is re-paired to before being paired, so you hopefully shouldn't run into this problem again.


    thanks again for your answers!

    Both links address to the user manual instructions, could you edit the first one for the post on the Ember Forum?



    Hi AlbertoD9,

    That's odd, I even double checked it. Here is the link, for real this time.