Re-Seal a Soda Can-NO Magic Trick-No Special Tools Needed





Introduction: Re-Seal a Soda Can-NO Magic Trick-No Special Tools Needed

Learn how to re-seal a Soda Can for when you want to save it for later, to keep it from going flat. Watch this video to find out how.



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    Two questions: 1) Why the gloves? 2) How many times have you cut your fingers on the edge of the thingy?

    pop can edges arent too-too sharp; but I have no idea why the gloves :) perhaps to keep the soda off his fingers?

    what is pop? you must be from up north cause down in texas everything is called coke

    Several states, as well as most of us in Canuckia, call it 'pop' not sure why. I figure it's the short for 'soda-pop'. Calling everything coke is just...weird. Granted; they do outsell pepsi worldwide 2-1... I still ask for a tissue, not a kleenex.

    "pop" is short for popular. Not soda pop.

    Ahhh, but do you call a snowmobile a skidoo? Us Canuckastanians have to stick together! But yeah, 'pop' up here is a general name for any fizzy soda. As for the Instructable... a small hole will slow down the flattening process more than a wide open hole.

    I like how we've resorted to all saying xerox and googling and such

    Really; I think even the tiniest of pinholes would result in almost the exact same flattening rate. Gas doesn't leave pop/soda/coke/carbonated water quickly, and it takes a large differential in pressure to keep any CO2 dissolved in the liquid. a small leak = no carbonation.

    Best website evar.