Picture of Re-Vamp your Shorts (Marvel Version)
I had a pair of old shorts sitting around and thought I would jazz them up a bit by adding some marvel avengers fabric!

This is super simple to do and there are many ways to make them stick. It can also be done with any fabric you want. 
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Step 1: Gather your Materials

Picture of Gather your Materials
You'll need to gather up you materials.

You'll need:

- A pair of shorts
- Fabric (I used a boy's t-shirt)
- Sharpie
- Scissors
- Sewing machine, hot glue, or mode podge to attach the fabric to the shorts

Step 2: Measure out Your Fabric

Picture of Measure out Your Fabric
If you're using a shirt like me, you'll need to cut out a square so all you have are the superheroes. Start with the front of the jeans. Lay out the square you cut out and use the sharpie to draw out the shape. Add the fabric to one side of the shorts. Use your fingers to feel out the seams. Make dotted lines on the seams. You'll then cut out the shape. If the bottom of your shorts fold over like mine, tuck the fabric into the fold. If you have extra fabric, use the same method to cut out the shape of the back pocket. 

* For the front of the shorts, you want to cover one half with the exception of the pocket and the belt loops. 

Step 3: Pin and Sew

Picture of Pin and Sew
Pin the fabric down using sewing pins. I used thumb tacks since I didn't have the other pins. I chose to sew the fabric on, however you can also attach the fabric using hot glue or mode podge. Sew all the edges of the fabric. Leave a border of 1/4-1/2 inches. You may need to hand sew certain parts like the pockets. Make sure to trim the edges.

Step 4: Voila

Picture of Voila
There you go! You now have your own pair of superhero shorts!
If I wore shorts I would definitely personalize them like this they look wicked, but I have a jacket I was looking to make a little more interesting and I could apply the same idea you have used here to that, :)
shellycaron (author)  Pixie Puddle2 years ago
Thanks! I think your jacket would look great if you did something like this!