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Introduction: Re-branding Clothes

This hoody was rescued from a trash heap some time ago and was awaiting a solution to the rather noticeable branding smattered across the chest, which I wasn't keen on sporting. 

Cue inspiration from Miriam Dym's logo removal service, via an awesome new initiative/movement: MEND*RS

As the pictures show, after cutting out the 'problem area', I used a few layers of old t-shirt to make the new panel. I've found from past experience it's better to replace sections of clothing with similar thicknesses, otherwise you get cold spots when the wind blows! 3 t-shirt layers (2 black and one the showing design) was about right to make up the thickness of the hoody jersey. Easier to replace like with like thicknesses, but improvisation is key!

The panel was then roughly zig-zagged in to the hole. This was pretty fiddly and I ended up having a slight excess of hoody material, which I'm sure I could have avoided if I was being more careful with my pinning, but it ended up being right in the centre so I decided to make a feature of it and stick a button over the top as I had one which matched perfectly :)

So now I don't advertise myself as a piece of street furniture, the hoody incorporates one of my favourite old t-shirts, additional bright colours (yay!), and the little holes near the front pouch are fixed too, I love wearing it! 

It perhaps should be said I have nothing against the brand Bench itself, it makes good quality, well-designed stuff, which is good to wear and they have an open ethical policy, just I don't like having Bench written all over me! 



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    Can't wait to give this a try :)

    Also a great idea when you have to cut the itchy inside label off. Pure torture! Whose idea was that?

    You can also take the idea jeans these days use and put a back patch and then cut out the brand and rough the edges :] it will sew a lot easier and cleaner.

    Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Yeah, that is probably the easier way to go about it, thanks! I think I was just very -scissor happy to get the brand off!

    Hahaha :) I work the same way!

    Awesome! I hate brands on clothing. This is an awesome idea on how to get those brands off and put something fun on. Fun fabric, too :)