Picture of Re-charge your Flat 2 Liter Sodas
Ever reach into the fridge to pour a glass of soda, only to discover that the bottle is flat?
I have - and now I have a simple solution!!!

You just inject new CO2 gas into the bottle to re-carbonate your soda.

Sodas (Coke and Pepsi, Root Beer, etc) go flat because they loose their carbonation. The carbonation is lost because the CO2 that was originally disolved into the soda escaped into the air and all you need to do to make the soda not flat is re-inject carbonation back into your soda. The process is simple with the right tools - you just need a way to apply CO2 gas with enough pressure to force the CO2 back into the soda. And you really don't need that much pressure, just 40 pounds per sq inch (PSI) will do as long as the soda is cold when you try.

The process is simple:

1. Turn a 2 liter bottle top into a soda charging cap
2. Screw the soda charger into your chilled, flat bottle of soda (cold soda more easily absorbs CO2)
3. Use your soda charger to inject new CO2 into your flat bottle of soda
4. Shake & charge a couple of more times to force the CO2 into the soda
5. Remove the soda charging lid and put the original lid back onto the bottle after pouring yourself a glass of soda!
    It took longer to type these 5 steps than it takes to recharge a bottle of flat soda! 

You can also use your soda charger to:

Make your own soda - Don't buy an over priced SodaStream machine or pay for SodaStream's over-priced CO2 tanks! Instead formulate your own recipies, follow a family recipy for sassafras or root beer, or buy one of the hundreds of flavors available on the net for your own fresh soda. And when your soda is ready for carbonation just fill 2 liter bottles, chill, and carbonate with your own soda charger! Ever tried coffee soda or sweet tea soda? You won't find those flavors for sale at your local Wally World!

Carbonate fruit Juice - I can tell you first hand that carbonated apple juice & carbonated grape juice tasts great! An all you have to do is transfer the juice into a clean 2 liter bottle, chill, carbonate and enjoy!

Make your own Club Soda - My secret is to add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 2 liters of filtered tap water, chill and carbonate.
Parts List:
1 – CO2 Tank
1 – CO2 Regulator with 1/4" barb outlet fitting
1 - Adapter for CO2 Regulator if it has a different outlet fitting
4' – 1/4" Flexible tubing or hose
1 – Air chuck (tire fill valve)
1 - 1/4" barb X 1/4" MPT fitting for air chuck
2 - Small hose clamps (we use oetiker clamps, but screw on style will work)
1 - Metal screw-in tire valve - available HERE
Required Tools:
Drill - to drill hole through your 2 liter bottle lid
1/2" drill bit
Assorted hand tools
More information can be found at
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lemonie2 years ago
You could make your own with this?

Tom Hargrave (author)  lemonie2 years ago
Yes, you can make your own with this - just find a soda recipe or mix you like, fill 2 liter bottles, chill & carbonate.
That makes a second Instructable, tag it appropriately and it could be popular.

Tom Hargrave (author)  lemonie2 years ago
Thanks, I'll do this later today.
rimar20002 years ago
Cold water absorbs more CO2 because if the molecules shake (as they do with heat) the gas run away more easily. Obviously, the water must be liquid, not frozen.

Very good info, thanks for sharing.
sydkahn2 years ago
My grandfather worked for DuPont and told me that water absorbs the most co2 @ 39 degrees F, I bet you will get a better recharge if the soda is cold.
Tom Hargrave (author)  sydkahn2 years ago
Your grandfather is right & I don't know why I left this out. Thanks for the catch - I just added "chilled" to the instructions.