Picture of Re-cover your Ikea Klobo Sofa
We have had our little Ikea Klobo for several years and it's starting to look a bit tatty. We have been using a few throws to disguise it's general shabbiness but it's very frustrating constantly adjusting these. It's time for a change! It's possible to buy pre-made slip covers from eBay but they are only available in certain colours and I was unsure about the quality of the materials that are used. I decided that the shape and construction of the Klobo sofa would make it really easy to re-upholster. The finished result is extremely smart and well worth the effort. 

The fabric was £5 a Meter and the sofa only requires 5 Meters (from a 147cm roll).

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Step 1: Designs

Picture of Designs
I didn't want to spend a lot of time making a complicated cutting pattern so i decided on a method of construction that allowed for plenty of room for mistakes. I used rolls of fabric that were 147cm wide. This width was wide enough to completely span the length of my sofa and allow for a large overlap. 

Don't take my word on the measurements! Much of this design was cut to the size of each piece as I went along so I didn't carefully measure anything. 

Step 2: Gather Materials!

Picture of Gather Materials!
You will probably need....
-Sewing Machine (you could probably hand sew the whole thing if you don't have one).
-Staple Gun 
-Stanley Knife
-Measuring Tape
-Fabric! 147cm Width X 5 Meters (I used a Polycotton Drill) 

intan.s.azim2 months ago

love it!!!!!tq..

Mielameri1 year ago
Amazing! Fantastic, cost-efficient result, and there won't be another sofa in a landfill :). Great ible
Mr Chutney (author)  Mielameri1 year ago

Thanks very much indeed! I am very pleased with the result, it's amazing what you can achieve in an afternoon.