A Fiberbed is a mattress-topper.

The makers claim that "it is incredibly cozy and comfortable, covered with a breathable fabric designed to move moisture away from your body, and filled with fiber which is hypoallergenic and provides exceptional comfort and support." And it was.

But after less than a year of blissful snoozing, the fiber filling had retreated from the pressure points - which, perversely enough, all seemed to have fallen upon corners of the stuffing compartments.

No commercial cleaner or linen service would admit to having heard of a Fiberbed, it was far too bulky to fit into any publicly accessible dryer for the forced air and clean sneakers pummelling technique, and as I am not physically vigorous just now, my personal attempts to shake the Fiberbed did neither of us any good at all. I retreated in considerable disorder.

After a while, I realized that what I needed were pin-studded paddles that could pierce the covering without damaging it, and allow me to fluff and redistribute the fiberfill inside.

Yes, I had out-thought a large, physically superior bag of fluff. Definitely a photo opportunity.
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Step 2: Paddle bases

Picture of Paddle bases
Glue the graph paper to the cardboard with the gel glue.

Next trace the sponges on the cardboard and cut out three for each sponge. It doesn't matter if you run out of graph paper, so long as you get one shape for each sponge. This will provide a guide for spacing the pins, without the hassle of measuring or marking.

Use hot glue to make cardboard-sponge-cardboard sandwiches.

Whee! We have reinvented foamboard. With graph paper on top.

Very well done, human.
Anodean (author)  InstructabIes-Robot6 years ago
Woot! :D
dombeef Anodean4 years ago
It is a fake
marcusprice6 years ago
i need a better description of what youre doing to the bed. engage? are you just sticking the paddles into it? moving your hands in a circle? thanks.
Anodean (author)  marcusprice6 years ago
Sorry, I was making a bit of a pun between engaging in combat and engaging the clutch of a car. My bad. All sorts of motion seemed useful. Rubbing them in circles of opposite direction, rubbing them back and forth while inserting them to different depths, and holding one in place while using the other to rub stuffing past it. That last is sort of like teasing hair. You can see the little wrinkles forming in the picture, as my top hand moves stuffing into the corner of a chamber, past my other hand which is holding the other paddle still on the underside. Don't worry, it's pretty intuitive once you start.
Kendallkip6 years ago
This is very good for a first! my firt sucked XD
Anodean (author)  Kendallkip6 years ago
Thank you very much. :D
canida6 years ago
Wow! That's a pretty serious undertaking.
Is this in any way preferable to the dryer + sneakers approach for things that do fit in a dryer?
Anodean (author)  canida6 years ago
Well, I was seriously out of my league in trying to wrestle this beast. It is bigger than I am, and I got into an embarrassing state of *whooshy!* just hoisting it up onto a rack to get the back-lit picture. ;D

I'd definitely use the dryer + sneakers for items that would fit in there. Though now that you mention it, I do feel a classic case of "I've got a hammer - that looks like a nail!" coming on.

Heh heh. :D
tiuk6 years ago
Wow, you really thought this through. Nice work.
Anodean (author)  tiuk6 years ago
Thank you very much. It's my first, as you see. :D Though I'm afraid it all works out to my having far too much time on my hands... ;)