Re-posted K'nex MP3/MP4 Holder.


Introduction: Re-posted K'nex MP3/MP4 Holder.

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Hey guys, I made this instructable for the second time because the previous one didn't have good pictures.
I made the photos of this Instructable with a better camera, and I hope you like it.
(PS Please don't forget to rate.)

Step 1: Piece Count.

This step shows you how many pieces you need for the holder.
The number under the piece will show how many you will need of it.
So don't take six grey rings and two blue rings, but six orange connectors and four grey rings.

Step 2: The Base.

This step shows you how to make the base.
I don't think it will be hard to follow the pictures.

Step 3: The Upper Part.

This is the upper part of the holder.

Step 4: The Arm.

This step shows you how to make the arm.

Step 5: Adding the Top and the Bottom to Eachother, and Then You're Done!



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    thing is, this will only work really well with YOUR mp3 :(

    2 replies

     Just to let you know, instead of reposting, you can always just hit the edit button on the old instructable, and replace the pictures.

    2 replies

    yeah, but there's one thing about that, most average instructables get their first 400 views in a week and the next 400 views in three year, so if you edit nobody will have another glance at it unless it's in the first week