Picture of Re-purposed Grocery Basket
So I recently moved into a new condo down here in humid NOLA and I found out that many of the neighbors had old shopping carts of stores long gone that they used to not only transfer items from the parking area to their apartments, but also for the evening shopping trip to our corner store which required more than two hands. 

The shopping carts being used by the neighbors were standard fare, but we wanted something a bit more glam. We were torn because we didn't know how we were going to acquire a cart, and we were totally against stealing one. I checked craigslist and didn't have much luck, until one day I saw one in a pile of junk on the side of the road that was destined for the landfill!

What you see is very simple, but totally fun and we def get some strange looks (as well as compliments) when at the store.

Here is what you will need:

Old shopping cart acquired legally (seriously don't get in trouble over something silly like a shopping cart)
Black spray paint
Beads (we used mardi gras beads)

We look forward to also using this next Mardi Gras season.  That ice chest full of beer gets heavy!

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Step 1: Acquire, Clean, and Paint

Picture of Acquire, Clean, and Paint

Step one is to acquire an old shopping cart and clean it up. We used soap and a big scrub brush. 

We then sprayed the entire thing with black spray paint. We did this to limit rust growth, and also make it a bit snazzier looking