Step 4: Aproach 1B: Digitized Sensor Output - Small Module

Picture of Aproach 1B: Digitized Sensor Output - Small Module
This approach is a little more complex than the previous one. We will cut the board to reduce the size of the module. We will have access to just the digitized sensor output.

   Note: If you cut the board down, you can not do the modifications to add external
              control to the relay driver and LED described later.

The Steps:

   1.   Flip the capacitor marked C11 so that it points towards the sensor. We are going to
         cut near where it originally lays.

   2.  Strip off the LED, medium power transistor, the large diode, switch SW2 next to 
        C11, and the black connector.

   3.  Drill a hole at the location Sd shown in the previous step's photo.

   4.  Add the two jumpers seen below in the photo.

   5.  Cut the board a little below the red connector. Sand the cut to make your cut
        smooth and straighten any woobles in your cut. You can sand right up to the
        edge of the red connector.

You now have access to the digitized sensor output at the outer pin of the white connector and a smaller module.         

The picture shows how I trimmed and attached the lens to the module with hot glue.
legoman444 years ago

Not exactly sure why you drilled holes through the PCB for the jumpers. Could you not jumper the points from the other side of the board and not drill?