Introduction: Re-use Broken Noise Isolating Earbuds!

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This Instructable is basically an idea or two on how to re-use those earbuds you can't open up to repair...and still put them to good use.

Step 1: The Earbuds.

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The first idea is to cut the earbuds off (from the rest of the wire) so you can use them to block out loud noises in the workshop.
Make sure to use the right size bud for your ear, and remove and clean the buds (and your ears!) as needed.


These are only meant to work in a pinch; or around semi-loud noises.

See next step for cut length.

Step 2: The Cut Length Is...

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Cut about 6" down from the earbuds, or where ever the two wires bind into one; making sure to leave a little (maybe 1") excess wire. That way, you'll always have the pair, and never have to worry about losing one of your buds.

Step 3: What About the 3.5mm Jack?

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Well, I had an idea for this, but it wasn't exactly legal.


Why not strip the wire, and use it for your audio hacks or projects? All it takes is a pair of pliers, and a project.

Step 4: That's All, Folks!

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Hope you enjoyed the ideas/ The Instructable.

Keep them in your tool box in care you ever, say, need to disconnect the negative battery cable on a car who's horn is stuck on.
I used them for that, with no music, and they worked nicely. They saved me a little hearing damage. Enjoy!


cortes1 (author)2014-09-14

What was the illegal idea?

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