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Recycle old tissue paper! Same use...different form!

Gift bags,clothing boxes---almost every style of gift wrapping contains tissue paper.

I like to save the tissue paper and use it again, but sometimes the tissue paper is too wrinkled or torn to use in a gift.

Here is a way to make it useful again ...

Step 1: Materials Needed

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The stuff you will need:

a paper shredder (or scissors if you don't have a shredder), and

some old tissue paper

Please be careful when using a paper shredder and follow the manufacturers guidelines. Some other cautions:

Do not place hands or fingers in the shredder.

Do not allow children to operate paper shredders.

Unplug the paper shredder power cord when not in use.

Do not operate a shredder while wearing loose clothing.

Keep hair, necklaces and ties away from the shredder opening.
ChrysN6 years ago
Great idea, I have a lot of sad, wrinkly tissue paper lying around I can use.
Bookdemon (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
Thanks! It is my first 'able and I think it will be useful before, during and after the holiday season!