Re-using a Capsule to Medicate Your Cat or Dog





Introduction: Re-using a Capsule to Medicate Your Cat or Dog

About: I love browsing the instructables, THANKS THANKS to everyone that makes this site work. Smile. Especially the cat and dog aficionados.

After three long weeks of trying many horrendous ways to medicate my 14-year-old cat, I found the most simple crazy easy way to help her. Capsules are for sale online, but I happened along one on my counter top and the rest is history.

I apologize for the video having some wasteful moments, start around 7 minutes if you want to see the cat swallow the capsule easily...the second night I was so excited I just wanted to get the youtube out there to help other cats and their owners.

Today was the third day, and it's like magic how she pops that baby in her mouth!

Step 1: The Youtube Video



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    Thank you Valkgurl!! I went back to small syringe with liquid and baytril (my dog ate a whole bottle of her first pills so apparently not hard to eat)......last night and a small capsule with the little tiny lasix kernel and I was SURPRISED she ate it in her food like in the first days, I guess she was hungry enough! 8-) Lesson to me, keep trying different ways to keep her guessing. 8-) Thank you all. (She is getting really knarly about the velcro and zippered cat bag, I cannot keep her contained in a towel, and now am tying her to the window with constraints...(until last night).

    Have done plenty of cats and never had a huge problem---have you tried wrapping the cat in something relatively cat claw proof and leaving ONLY the mouth area exposed? This might need a companion to hold the cat mummy but it works. Also--have you considered asking aboout liquid meds? Or if you can mix the existing meds with a bit of water or cat feed? Or even injectables? They are not nearly as scary as you might think and it only takes a few seconds once you have the syringe loaded and the cat corraled. Any vet can and should show you how to do this.

    The "Pill pusher" if it is anything like what I have tried is really more for a larger animal--in horses etc it is called a "Balling Gun" and comes in various materials including stainless in case your horse gets frisky. I dunno if I would want to try a miniature version on a cat but maybe it could work. If you can get the cat to let you get that tiny and fragile jaw open enough for a capsule --well--cats DO like butter! Smear it on there and she might not object that much. Maybe! Good luck!

    this stopped working, now i have to tie her to window with a window sash handles as per a vet on youtube..use body bag...gloves...and bought pill pusher with round handles...sometimes using smaller capsule so when ahe spits it out i can put in larger capsule as it is disintegrating...and a small syringe with water to put at side of mouth to help her swallow while i blow on her nose and stroke her throat...look on youtube for many other ideas.


    I have come to the conclusion I have to vary the methods, and try different rooms. She is ON to me. 8-)