Picture of Re-working an Old Necklace
I found this lovely necklace at a farmers market years ago.  It was an amazing deal, and made of semi-precious stones - I just love the braided torsade, but NOT the closure.

Step 1:

Picture of
The glittery beads at the back of the necklace did not match the natural stones, in my opinion – but I could still wear the necklace with my hair down.  However, those pesky beads caught in my hair and scratched the skin on my neck.

The hook and jump rings were over-sized but incredibly difficult to open.  My nails are far from beautiful, but I do not enjoy tearing them to get a necklace on and off, which was happening with this particular clasp.

So the necklace was buried in my jewelry box for years.

Time for a quick fix!
Really beautiful! I was confused about one part tho, why did you scrunch up the ribbon? Is that how you turn it inside out?
Laura Mae (author)  Picturerazzi2 years ago
Yes! I like to use a loop turner to turn things right side out, which requires a little scrunching! It saves time and frustration. An example of the loop turner may be found here: http://www.joann.com/dritz-loop-turner/prd2991/