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Introduction: ReCycled Coffee Creamers

About: I recently retired and I find I have so much time on my hands. I love DIY !! I love re purposing old unwanted items and making them functional and beautiful. I am currently remodeling my home.

Just a short and sweet post to let you know of a really nice recycle. I have been saving my coffee creamers for a while now. I use them to hold some of my gems. These containers are so great in your craft room to hold gems, beads, all kinds of stuff.But these are so great when your traveling with kids. Put Cheerios or other snacks inside. Has a nice spout to pour out, and won't spill all over the car. Great for holding snacks at games.

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    Plastic containers that cat treats come in are perfect canisters for everything from the pantry to the workshop. Plus, they're stackable!

    I suggest also use pbj or jars that have rubber seal inside for leftovers and i take soup to lunch at work.

    Peanut butter and mayonnaise are packed in various size jars; which can be clea ed and are perfect for snacks or leftovers. The larger opening makes filling/cleaning a breeze.