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Meet Lenard. He started his life out on someones back as a wool sweater. Lenard now leads a far more glamorous life as an international poster bird for the crafty reuse of said sweater. To create your own international poster bird follow my step by step.

Supplies Needed:
One or more felted wool sweaters
Some type of stuffing
Child safe eyes or buttons
Basic sewing supplies
Freezer paper
an imagination

I used a combo of machine and hand sewing. It would probably help if you can sew.

FYI To felt a wool sweater I remove the arms and cut them open and then throw a couple of similar colored sweaters and soap in the washer on hot water wash. Then throw them in the dryer, if they don't shrink up real good, repeat the process.

Step 1: Let me give you a hand

Picture of Let me give you a hand
Let's make Lenard's pattern.
I wanted to use a glove like shape to create this fine bird so I placed my hand on a sheet of paper and traced it. I knew I only wanted 2 top dangles and a beak to I edited the last two fingers.

I redrew it a few times to enlarge the top dangles and then to space everything out so there would be a seam allowance between the top dangles. I also added some length so he would have a body.
Love this; it's so cute!
pez4piggy6 years ago
it is so amazingly cute.

if only i had a wool sweater <_<
cutekitten6 years ago
hovawart6 years ago
I'll bet the stuffing is made from recycled pop BOTTLES, not cans. ;)
SomArtMama (author)  hovawart6 years ago
Sew right, nor very plush if you stuffed it with metal. I changed it.:-D
You did spark my imagination for a moment, though!
ikke_12066 years ago
Lennard would also be perfect for lonely gloves, just cut of two fingers and use them as arms or legs
skeezicks6 years ago
If you are allergic, don't even try working with the wool. It gets everywhere in tiny dust-like pieces when you cut it. Use up your old fleece tops and sweatshirts instead. They work just as well, and sometimes the inside texture of the shirt makes a great softie outside.
SomArtMama (author)  skeezicks6 years ago
Yes I agree. If wool is an issue try cotton sweaters, fleece, even quilt cotton will work. The wool fibers get everywhere, starting in your laundry room and all over your cutting surface and in your sewing machine. Plus stuffed creatures are made to cuddle, so you don't want them to make your eyes itch.
they are VERY cute. I love the cat. (i think it's a cat?) If only i weren't allergic to wool. I can still make them and give them away.
SomArtMama (author)  domestic_engineer6 years ago
You could do it with cotton sweater but they fray and roll so I don't usually use them. One the plus, they are not itchy and they come in a better variety of colors and designs. The cat is a new design I am still working out the quirks, she has multiple parts and she won't stand up unless I mess with her feet.
resendiz6 years ago
You know, you could make Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet with this!
aww. cute!
canida6 years ago
These are awesome! A great re-use project for old sweaters.