Turn scrap paper into wrapping paper in a few easy steps. You can use almost anything for the scrap paper - like pages from a book of sheet music, comics books, maps, and more. There's no need wrap gifts with new paper. The wrap can even be a slight hint to what's inside. And better yet - maybe the gift inside is handmade or recycled.

To make this you'll need:
scrap paper, tape, scissors, ruler, stapler

Step 1: Cut strips for the bow.

To make the bow, cut 4 strips of paper to 8.5" long x .75" wide. Then cut one piece to 4" long x .75" wide.
<p>My bow sucks for my toilet paper gift. </p><p>-0/10 </p>
<p>I like this. Going to use old wrapping paper that is probably 40 years old.</p><p>I probably experiment with bigger dimensions.</p>
looks amazing!! mums birthday tomorrow and have a present but no wrapping paper! Thankyou soo much for the idea!!! <br>
Thanks this is great! I just wrapped up a present quick and it looks so cute. Way better then buying gift wrap if you just need to wrap up a small gift.
that is an awesome thing to do with <a href="http://giftskins.com">wrapping paper</a>!
nice. I tried it and it turned out better than most other ones that I've done.
tfs it looks different too
Don't know why I never thought of this. I very rarely use purchased gift wrap, so this bow is perfect for me. I have made many of them this Christmas and my wrapped gifts look very festive. Thank you.
Easy and fun. Shiny, colorful magazine pages work well and look festive. For a DIYer and "green" nut, this is great idea.
Amazing idea! I LOVE the way these look.
Cool idea. I print business cards for clients and now I know what I can do with all the offcut strips of cardboard.
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
I've done this for years with old calendar pages and magazines and posters (and reused wrapping papers). Thanks for making such a nice straightforward instructable of it! yay!
all i have to say is: w0w. great idea! ill trie it out soon.
<em>Awesome</em> job, I might try this out when I need to, it looks really colorful!<br/>
I've seen those done with plain paper before and never understood the bother, but with colored scrap they look fantastic! Great suggestion.
I'm always looking for ways to save on money, and be original, on someone's birthday. <br/>=] You've provided me with both of them.<br/><br/>Nice Instructable<br/>
Really nice :) Good job !

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