I am new to Arduino and wanted a project which would teach me different things. 
This got me involved with sound and the use of a LCD. 

This project is based on the Instructable posted by bertus52x11 which you can find here https://www.instructables.com/id/After-Dinner-Reaction-Time-Tester/ . 


While I did start with the bertus52x11 project I did make the following major mods :
1.   I use 3 LEDS  which change light pattern and the user needs to react to the correct pattern.
2.  The original tested the time it took to release the button while I test the time it takes to hit the button.
3.  I test 3 different times and record the accumulated time plus any miss hits or no hits at all.

As with the original project, this would be fun to use before and after a dinner party.  It should confirm that too much of a good thing will slow your reflexes.  I am anxious to do some testing. :)

Unfortunately I did not take pictures through out the build but I will try to explain and show what I did as best I can.

How it works:
1.Turn on with the ON/OFF switch
2. The first message will prompt you to press the red button to begin the testing
3.  Then a screen will randomly tell you too look for 1 light on, 2 lights or 3 lights
4.  The program will begin to randomly display 1, 2, or 3 lights with random noise for distraction purposes
5.  As soon as you see the target light pattern, hit the reaction button.
6. After 3 times, a summary screen will appear

The program keeps track of what the target light pattern is and only when it displays the correct pattern does it start the timer.   It also will only wait a short time. If you fail to see the correct pattern, it records it as a miss . Or if you hit the button too late or with a wrong pattern, it will record a miss. I arbitrarily add 2 seconds  to the total for a miss.


Step 1: Video of the Timer in Action

The following 2 videos show how to use it and what happens when you push the button correctly or in correctly.

<p>I'm going to give this project a shot. Yours turned out beautiful looking. BTW, your .pde file is missing a closing quote on line 123.</p>
<p>Very nice! I like the Steampunkish box. I am working on a reaction timer game as well so this was helpful. Thanks!</p>
I like it!
Oh, and don't forget to enter it in the &quot;3rd Epilog Challenge&quot;.<br>You never know.

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