This instructable guides you through the steps in building a ceiling-mounted light that controls thousands of addressable RGB LEDs, reacting to sound and creating visually spectacular animations. A project to inspire your night club with sound-reactive lights, or a project to create a soothing ambient light for your study. The possibilities for customization are endless if you can just write a bit of custom arduino code.

This project has been a collaboration with GitHub's @daterdots, and stands on the shoulders of giants like arduino, pjrc, and the fastled community.

Step 1: Mechanical Design

The shape of the pendant is defined by the curvature of the LED strips as they are supported at a few places along the axis of the pendant. The top and bottom pendant supports are circular platforms that also house some of the system's embedded electronics. I like the simple cylinder shape we get from having only two support platforms - one at either end of the LED strip, but you can add rings at any point along the pendant's axis to control the curvature of the LEDs.

<p>Nice! And the base is as elegant as the light show.</p>
Looks great! Got a video of it?
<p>This looks amazing.</p>

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