Reading Light : Recycle Old Mobile Battery




Introduction: Reading Light : Recycle Old Mobile Battery

Hi All,
We all discard our old mobile phones, almost every year. There are so many components that can be recycled or reused

The mobile battery has built-in battery protection, light weight and good capacity.

We can use these batteries in many projects example power bank, reading lights or as power source for Arduino or Esp8266 projects...

I am sharing how I made a slimmest power bank that can be used as reading light aswell

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- TP4056
- 3.7 to 5 v step up converter
- old Li-ion battery from old phone
- USB led light
- wires
- PVC sheet
- Electric tape
- double side tape

- Soldering iron
- Wire cutter
- hot glue gun

Step 2: Build It

Since the battery already has a charge protection circuit a simple TP4056 module is enough.

Solder + and - terminals of battery to TP4056 and Step-up converter with a switch

Hot glue all on a PVC sheet of appropriate size, depending on the side of your old battery

that's it, it is quite simple

Step 3: Testing

It can be used as power bank and reading light

Just attach an USB Light out it and try it.

Future Improvements
- higher capacity battery

please share comments, if you liked this recycled power bank



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