Hi All,
We all discard our old mobile phones, almost every year. There are so many components that can be recycled or reused

The mobile battery has built-in battery protection, light weight and good capacity.

We can use these batteries in many projects example power bank, reading lights or as power source for Arduino or Esp8266 projects...

I am sharing how I made a slimmest power bank that can be used as reading light aswell

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- TP4056
- 3.7 to 5 v step up converter
- old Li-ion battery from old phone
- USB led light
- wires
- PVC sheet
- Electric tape
- double side tape

- Soldering iron
- Wire cutter
- hot glue gun

Step 2: Build It

Since the battery already has a charge protection circuit a simple TP4056 module is enough.

Solder + and - terminals of battery to TP4056 and Step-up converter with a switch

Hot glue all on a PVC sheet of appropriate size, depending on the side of your old battery

that's it, it is quite simple

Step 3: Testing

It can be used as power bank and reading light

Just attach an USB Light out it and try it.

Future Improvements
- higher capacity battery

please share comments, if you liked this recycled power bank

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