Reading Lights-A Fantastic Study Lamp





Introduction: Reading Lights-A Fantastic Study Lamp

As you know

For the study should use the sufficient light.

Otherwise the eye suffered fatigue and be lazy.

Best light

The sunny light.

This is no light bulb in the light have not been able to impose

Even the smd

This led to you to use the great promise study suggest.

The structure of this study lamp (according to)

Of a white lamp and a yellow light bulb and a damper

Has been formed.

You use the damper

You can reach the sunny light light.

Step 1:

As you can see

The difference in light photo

White light only

White low yellow light + light

White light + incandescent

To reach the light of day

Should a day

Adjust the light

To find the hand.

Step 2:


For air-conditioning

The top of the hole it

Step 3:

As well as the
You can use a filter to be better still

Step 4:

Be sure to try

Will be interesting to you.


What was proven to me
So much fatigue reduces the study.
And vice versa
You'll increase your study hours.
As you know
The study will focus on the study of light can be triggered.

Thanks for your attention

Do not forget to comment.

good bye



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ba dorud khedmate shoma,

ehsas mikonam ke shoma va karhatun kheyly be karaye man shabihe.

ahle kojaid shoma?

Hello gentleman
I hope you are fine ...
I am currently Mashhad of iran

tnx your comment

I've never seen a fluorescent bulb combined with incandescent in one lamp. Looks like it produces a pleasant color. Does it get very hot?

You mean well
The Yellow lamp
40 watt and 20 Watts bulb, you can use.
Something that is proven to me
Reduces the fatigue study too.
Thanks for your comment