Real Italian Recipes: Pasta Al Radicchio E Gorgonzola!





Introduction: Real Italian Recipes: Pasta Al Radicchio E Gorgonzola!

Impress your friends with a very special Italian dish: wonderfully easy and amazingly tasting!

Learn the basics of cooking pasta and get to know a couple of special ingredients: say hello to Mr. Gorgonzola - an italian blue cheese - and Mrs. Radicchio - also know as red chicory overseas.

Step 1: Ingredients

This is what you'll need for two portions:

- good pasta pennette : don't get the cheap one! never save money on important things... :)
- a small portion of Gorgonzola cheese (or Roquefort - or another blue cheese if you just can't find it)
- 1 Plant of red chicory (is this the real name? couldn't find another match for radicchio)
- Parmiggiano Cheese
- a bit of onion
- salt

Step 2: Cut'n Cook!

Next, put a big bowl of water on the fire and bring to the boiling point.
In the meantime, carefully wash the radicchio and cut it into really small chunky slices.

Step 3: Almost There...

Start cooking the radicchio in a medium-sized frying pan :

- add the onion
- pour some olive oil (find the best one you can!)
- add salt

When the radicchio becomes darker and softer, add some drops of wine and keep cooking.

Step 4: Water Is Boiling by Now... Add Pasta!

When the water starts boiling, add a handful of salt and enough pasta for two!

As soon as you've poured pasta inside the bowl, stir it a little so that it doesnt melt with the bowl's bottom. Now wait as long as it's written on the pasta's bag.

Step 5: Serve and Enjoy!

As a final step, add the gorgonzola to the frying pan where the radicchio is cooking and stop the fire. Stir it up so that the gorgonzola melts. Voilà - here's our sauce.

Finally, once the pasta is well cooked (beware of the dangerous overcooking killer!!!!) pour it into a colander and mix it with the sauce directly inside the frying pan! Mix well and .... here we are!

Add some freshly grinded parmiggiano and serve...
Enjoy your meal dear friends!



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    looks AMAZing! can't go wrong w/gorgonzola. i agree w/comment "never save money on important things." Great ingredients are a must for great food! don't skimp out..

    fresh pasta would raise the roof on this dish.

    I've made a variant: I used dandelion greens instead of radicchio and Bleu d'Auvergne instead of Gorgonzola. It's still delicious!

    Looks nummy!

    yeah mate! i added your flan di latte to the italian recipes group! yummy!

    WONDERFUL dish, simple yet very impressive...perhaps a group should be started for date food cause this would definitely get the girl!

    I LOVE PASTA! -- This sounds good because of the strong flavor of gorgonzola and the spicy radicchio I will definitely try it!

    That sounds fantastic, and totally easy!
    Yes, I believe radicchio is a specific type of chicory- we use both words.

    never save money on important things...
    A wise idea.