Picture of [Real Life] Big Head Mode
A, B, Up, Left, A, B, Up, Left.. ??
A, B, Up, Left, A, B, Up, Left... ???

Damn, this doesn't work. Is it because I'm in real life?

In case this also doesn't work with you, but you don't want to miss such a moronic feature in real life, you can get help now.

But who should feel the desparate urge to carry around a ridiculously big paper head?
Here's the story: Eric Testroete, 3D artist, had the idea of a very unique Halloween costume last year. He presented it in the web and a few people, including a music video producer, copied the idea. Nevertheless, no one had the ambition to write instructions, especially for the main street that has ordinary computing and crafting skills.

So let me introduce the Instructable of the big papercraft head, which I modified only a bit, because the basic idea is undeniably genius.
I can additionally advertise 2 little additional modifications to make it look more realistic or more creepy; glossy eyes or dynamic eyes.

The full PDF is downloadable at

This project builds up on my earlier Paper Clone, so I already had basically everything I needed. However I will describe everything right from the start, and because the 2 projects are pretty similar, you may witness a few déjà vus.. My bad!
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victordoes4 months ago

And I who usaly bang my head in doors and shelfs.. Nice tutorial, well documented! :)

dhalsim11 months ago

looxis faceworx or facegen modeller

Haha that head is so big
3doog1 year ago
Anim8or is so painful to use, isn't there better program like sketchup? (author)  3doog1 year ago
I am not sure if Sketchup can export 3ds or obj files, but if it does, it should work.
This is incredible.
Rowleysh3 years ago
I tried to download your head, and was unable to, the link seems to be broken. Could I have a proper link plz? (author)  Rowleysh3 years ago
Can anyone give me a link of a functional uploader? Fileshost doesn't seem to be too reliable..
Fileshost appears to be dead. Mediafire, megaupload, multiupload are all popular hosts. This looks excellent... I'm very interested in downloading your head as an example!
Halloween coming up. Any chance you can upload your file again? (author)  brandon832 years ago
The head_3ds file crashes Anim8or when you try to import. Do you have a .an8 file of the head?
great! thanks for the reply!
SBDFFLS2 years ago
Any progarms that will work that can be used on a Mac? (author)  SBDFFLS2 years ago
I do also have a mac and use both programs with Parallels :)
ddepunkt3 years ago
Hey, thats soo cool.
I'm 18 years and from Germany.
My english is not the best, but i want to ask if you can make a model for me. I know its a lot of work, but i want to surprise my parents to christmas.
please write me a mail:
i want to send you the pictures.
i hope you will try it.
im so thankfull.
asaldaev3 years ago
Please, help me! i can't fill some holes, what am i doing wrong?(
rednbokker3 years ago
i don't know what I'm doing wrong, but when I try to use the add edge tool it just makes points
rednbokker3 years ago
hey, do you think it would work if you glued it together backwards, so it's an innie? i think that way it could be one of those illusions that follow you. see dragon illusion
TapeSmith3 years ago
How do you see when wearing this? And if there is none, what would you suggest?
jarentsen4 years ago
Can you use Photoshop instead of Anim8or for the 3D modeling?
sorry, but no, photoshop is only 2d, anim8or is 3d.
Nosewalker3 years ago
it's been days that i'm struggling with the UV texture.
I've searched all around the net for a solution, maybe you'll know what i'm doing wrong.
after I apply the material with the texture, the picture doesn't sit right and i have a problem adjusting it to the head.
i click the UV button (in point-edit mode), the yellow circle and rectangle are showing but when i'm moving them around (as you described), they move but the texture stays still... i'm pretty desperate here..
please advise.

Many Thanks. (author)  Nosewalker3 years ago
This normally happens when you have selected another texture than that one you are trying to move. Additionally, select the UV-faces in the face-mode, not point-mode, by hand or with the tool "select - select by material". If it doesn't move at all, you should copy and paste the object and retexture it.
45821904 years ago
This same method could be used to create things other than heads such a s cars and buildings. All you would have to do is model the car building or whatever and then export it to Pepakura. I am going to create a model of a Bugatti Veyron for my friend.
Criket4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
dude you say this to every instructable just stop already
What did he say?
he always said hey what does this have to do with the gorrilla glue make it stick contest you have to use a gorilla product... he literally put that on every instructable
yup he did it to mine as well, and i thought he only did it to mine and no i realize he did it to like 50
qazadex Criket4 years ago
maybe you should look at the criteria, it clearly states that any sort of adhesive is acceptable
drakesword4 years ago
Reminds me of the days of n64 and "Big Head Mode". Awesome!

Maybe next year take all of the graphical "cheats" and make a costume!
jellyome4 years ago
Someone made an instructable and he got mentioned in the email, i beleive you should have instead of him. This is the link
Hello - I am making one of these. Thank you for the instructable. I wasn't able to follow the 3d instructions, I just don't have the time to focus on learning the 3d realm right now.

Luckily for me, I have similar features to you so I just used your 3d model and pictures and modified the pictures in photoshop. I actually used a layer mask and gaussian blur to include just my eyes on the front, and then just my hair from the side picture the rest of it is you.

I am now in the glueing stage and I found Wood Glue to be very good in piecing this together. The Gorilla Glue takes a long time to dry and set in place. With the wood glue, I use what I need to put the pieces together and within a few seconds I'm off toward the next bit. Afterwards, I am painting the seams on the inside with the wood glue once I have semi-big sections complete.

I hope I can win my company costume contest with this, then I get to go home early one day, with my bosses approval.
head.gif (author)  giantvegenetics4 years ago
Thanks for building one and good luck ;)
I hope you will post pictures and reactions ;)
cefn4 years ago
This made me laugh so much. You're bound to get ahead!
kayla94 years ago
How do you make them cross like that? (author)  kayla94 years ago
One picture is loaded in the front and the other in the side view, then they are moved in top view.
kayla94 years ago
This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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