Real Life Glowing Eyes Effect(NO PHOTOSHOPPING)


Introduction: Real Life Glowing Eyes Effect(NO PHOTOSHOPPING)

This Step by step Video Will show you how to make your typical movie magic become real with a simple trick of lights, Enjoy.



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    I think cause I'm using my cellphone to look at Instructables sometimes I can see videos and sometimes I can't. ¿

    2 replies

    Arrrr, I think I get that problem too :D haha Either way, glad you like it x

    Same issue on my galaxy note 10.1 (2012 version). Might be flash/html5 related?

    This looks so cool and an easy to join in tutorial! Thx for showing and commenting everything so clearly! :)
    might use this for my lady loki

    watched the link you text, very nice! thank you!

    there is no video on this end! sorry.

    Hey, the video is right under the image? Can you not see it? If so please re confirm. otherwise, youtube link