What could possibility go wrong with this idea besides getting REALLY hurt 

Step 1: The Bikes

Seeing Mario Kart was such a smash hit in the video game world, My Brother, sister, girl friends, and friend thought it would be a great idea to play it in real life. First we need the bikes (wii version) we did have go kart too. Nevertheless to the magical land of CriagsList looking for anything we could you for this stunt. I must say we came across alot of those 50cc bikes for cheap over all for the whole lot it came to about  $100 but they all needed some sort of repair and customization
<p>you got best instructables ever</p>
The man in the last picture tho
This is awesome! i wish i had the money to do it!
<p>Me too!</p>
but from where do you get the bikes??? <br> <br>
This is amazing...
that looks awesome. i like the blue chopper looking motor bike. what is it?
haha, great idea! Too bad I don't have the money for those bikes.
Looks like fun!

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