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Just some pictures i took of lightsaber hilts and i added the blades too with paint when i was bored, Enjoy!


super_me (author)2017-09-15


super_me (author)super_me2017-09-15

lol I put that "that's all folks" pictures on one of my instructables. Did u copy me?

legofreak86 (author)2015-08-21

totally legit!

chainedflesh (author)2010-06-14

You can add a bit more realism by putting a gaussian blur on the outer part and a much milder gaussion blur on the core. Unless you dea it intentionally blocky for the sake of ironiic humor, in which case, disregard this.

FFVIIBOY (author)chainedflesh2010-06-14

i dont think i can do that with paint

Data643 (author)FFVIIBOY2011-05-25

Use Gimp. It's free and its easy to make a good effect.

GTRPLR1995 (author)2010-06-16

LOL, You got nothing better to do, do you? By the way, Cool.

FFVIIBOY (author)GTRPLR19952010-06-17

thanks, and no not really

GTRPLR1995 (author)FFVIIBOY2010-06-17


FFVIIBOY (author)GTRPLR19952010-06-17


wat. (author)FFVIIBOY2010-11-16

That lightsaber looks like been drawen in paint.

FFVIIBOY (author)wat.2010-11-17

Thats exactly what it is

wat. (author)FFVIIBOY2010-11-17


FFVIIBOY (author)2010-06-13

thanks i got bored, some of them like the red one were hard cuz there was no blade so it wasnt completely straight but the orange and black one were side ways so i could make a rectangle with a blade

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