Real Metal Looking Sword Out of Pallet Wood





Introduction: Real Metal Looking Sword Out of Pallet Wood

I have always wanted a sword, since I made a viking shield it needed the Viking sword to go with...

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Step 1: Processing the Stock

I am using beech pallet wood

Cut it to size

Mark the middle

Step 2: Forging

Draw out the shape of sword and shape it with chisel or wood plane

Hollow out the fuller with router or chisel it with gouge

Make Bevels using the wood plane

Step 3: Cross-guard

I have made through mortise hole to attach cross-guard to tang

Step 4: Make It Special

I made my own design on pommel and cross-guard and also carved +ULFBERH+T inside of fuller

Step 5: Handle

I Assembled the whole sword, sand it and wrapped it with cord

Step 6: Paint Job

Paint it with Silver (3 coats) then black from far away

first step will give you the look of cast iron

And then scrub it with thinner on piece of cloth do get steel look and aged finish ( but don't overdo it because you will remove all the paint)

Step 7: Sword to Be Proud of :)

This build came out perfect and I am super happy :3



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cool sword, job well done, nice instructable. i love beech wood, i've made 2 double edged pratice daggers from it for my daughters. That way we can practice safely knife techniques together if they feel like it.

Really, really amazing! Congratulations! I'm delighted with your work, and despite my limitations, I will try to do this sword. Do you mind if I contact you via Instagram to ask you for help if I needed?

Thank you very much for nice comment bro :3 You definitely need to do it :)

I don't mind it at all, you can contact me any time and I will be happy to help :)



Love this! So epic! Well done really! and this project will help so much if I want to build something of the same kind. Thanks bro!

Thank you very much for nice words bro :) you can contact me via Instagram anytime :)

This is amazing, you are the number one +, congratulations. Esto es impresionante!!! Eres el numero uno +!!! Felicitaciones (in spanish)

Thank you bro :)
Muchas gracias hermano :)
I was in mexico so I know some words ;)

superb work. Wouldn't have known it wasn't real if I'd just seen the pictures. Well done sir.

Thank you very much for nice words. I was going for look of like "my grandfathers sword" and I think that I nailed it :)

Just a few more questions, sorry. What type of planer are you using that is taking wood from the middle of the sword where you cut the fuller? And what is it you used to treat the grip? Thank you in advance.