Hi! I always wanted to take Minecraft on the go with me but, Taking it in a boring USB stick is not very stylish.
Also, Having a Pickaxe lying around and taking up space isn't as fun or stylish either.

So, what i have done is combine the two so it could be for display and for storing Minecraft at the same time!
Now you can play Minecraft and show off your art skills at the same time.

Once you are ready to create this Pickaxe/USB This is the materials you are going to need:

- Thick Foam
- Printed Paper Pickaxe Template (For the Outline)
- Bright Colored Marker (I used a light blue Sharpie)
- Ruler
- Foam Cutter
- Paint (Go to the 3rd step for the colors)
- Paint brushes
- USB stick (optional)

You can get most of these (if not all) at your local store.
Once you have your supplies you are now ready to begin the crafting of the Diamond Pickaxe!

Step 1: Getting And Printing The Template

You can get the pickaxe picture for the outline here:

Print it out an carry on to the next step.

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