Introduction: Real Nerf Bullet

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Step 1: Take Apart the Bullet

Picture of Take Apart the Bullet

Pull the top of the bullet of

Step 2: Take Head Off Pen

Picture of Take Head Off Pen

Find a pen that you can take the head off of

Step 3: Makeing the Bullet

Picture of Makeing the Bullet

Put the head of the pen in the bullet

Step 4: Put in Gun and Shoot!

Picture of Put in Gun and Shoot!

Dont aim at eyes!


scunningham9 (author)2017-11-15


wilgubeast (author)2014-07-25

How does this perform in the air? Does it flip end over end, fly a shorter or longer distance, or what?

The pen tip is hollow, which means it would barely fire. The air rushes out of the dart rather quickly.

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