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Introduction: Real Outdoor Cooking

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For a real outdoor cooking you have to go far from home. And the further you will be from the house, the more delicious the cooked food will be. Our cooking took place in the mountains of Abkhazia, on the lake Ritza.

Step 1: Outdoor

In addition to camping supplies, we will need a fishing rod and bait. And a little luck to catch a fish. Great, luck was on our side, and we catch some fish. It was rainbow trout and chub. From rainbow trout we make fish soup, chub we will roast on the coals. Lets go cooking.

Step 2: Cooking

From spices used only pepper, salt and bay leaf for natural taste.

Fish soup we cooked on a burner. In boiling water put cleaned rainbow trout, add a little bit of spices to taste and cook for 5 minutes.

For frying chub it is necessary to build a bonfire to get enough coal. When the coals are ready, to put fish flavored with salt and pepper and cook until golden crust.

For a dessert made tea from a frash dogrose.

Now you can relax and enjoy a cooked meal admiring the beauty of nature.



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Those look good, I haven't had a chance to go camping and fishing yet this summer. Hopefully we'll get a chance before the cool weather sets in!