Introduction: Real Russian Borscht

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Borscht is an authentic Russian/Ukrainian soup. It is very nutritious and has a lot of variations. Depending on what you are using as a base bullion it can be a meat, a chicken or a vegetarian (just skip the meaty part) meal.

300gr beef or 1 chicken,
3 beets,
2 carrots,
1 onion,
3 potatoes,
300gr cabbage,
salt and spices as you like.

Step 1: Broth/Bouillon/Clear Soup

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Make a broth out of beef, chicken or, if you don't eat meat, just use water.

Step 2: Preparing the Veggies.

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Grate 3 beets. Add 0.5 litre of water and place it on fire. As soon as it started boiling take it off and separate "juice" from beet. Let them both rest.

Step 3: Onion, Carrots and Tomatoes.

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Mix, add spices, fry on butter and slow cook grated carrots, beets, tomatoes(or a paste), fine cut onion and bell pepper.

Step 4: Potatoes and Cabbage.

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Add to the boiling broth cut potatoes and cabbage. Let it boil until almost cooked.

Step 5: All Together.

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Mix all the ingredients including the beet "juice", add spices for your taste and boil until potatoes are cooked. Cut the meat from broth and add it.

Step 6: Serve It.

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Serve it with sour cream, garlic and rye bread.
Приятного аппетита :)
Bon appetite.


grannyjones (author)2016-02-04

A bay leaf is a wonderful addition. Just pick it out so nobody chokes on it. Or break out the stem and crush it finely with a mortar and pestle.

mediababy (author)2015-03-14

Made it last night & everybody in our family had second & third helpings.

We loved it.

Thank you for delicious easy to make recipe :)

iliah rah (author)mediababy2015-03-14

Thank YOU for such a warm words :)

elektrikpco (author)2015-03-13

Свинина? В Израиле? Вы, должно быть, шутите :)

И для наших англоговорящих комрадов:

Beef? In Israel? Are you joke?

iliah rah (author)elektrikpco2015-03-13

Beef, not pork :)
Говядина, мой друг. А свинина в Израиле есть и неплохая :)

rmascarenhas2 (author)2015-03-11

damn the Indian govt!beef's banned in my state

iliah rah (author)2015-03-11

I think Any meal has as many variations as many hosts/cooks. My grandmother's borsch is different than my mother's and my mother's is different than mine :)

YuryE (author)2015-03-11

«Good to the Last Drop»

satoko68 (author)2015-03-11

Funny, my family is Russian on both sides but has a totally different borscht recipe. I think all cultures have their own variations of different meals/dishes.

SugarBooty (author)2015-03-11

My grandmother cooked the meat in the barszć, and I remember it tasting so good. I am polish, but I guess the Russians wanted their food ready faster.

General Zod (author)2015-03-11

That looks good.

iliah rah (author)General Zod2015-03-11

Thank You, General :)

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