Real Size Knex Crossbow(never Making Instructions, Took Me an Hour to Make)





Introduction: Real Size Knex Crossbow(never Making Instructions, Took Me an Hour to Make)

About: I like to make knex guns, swords, and medieval artillery, I sometimes draw, play music, and Mod nerf guns.

Just admire it. Please follow if you want to see more.



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    This crossbow could use improvement. The bendy green rods would break off and even if they would stay on it would lose lots of power. It doesn't seem that big and the handle looks uncomfortable. The body looks like it would bend if you put a rubber band on it. If you aren't going to put instructions of it, then don't post it at all.

    It's... not that good, to be honest.
    I don't know if you use this to shoot stuff, but if you do, those arms aren't going to work. They'll either break off, or the green rods will bend way too much, which results in losing energy.
    Second, the body. With only one layer of connectors, it'll start bending under pressure. You can get away with a three layer body, if you add another row of connectors underneath. It might twist a bit, but at least it won't bend vertically.
    Third, that handle. It looks flimsy and uncomfortable. Look around a bit, there's loads of handles you can attach to it, even a standard 45 degrees handle would be better than the stick it has now.
    As for the stock, that's really up to you, as large stocks are almost only a piece hog.
    Anyway, try to learn from what has already been posted, and just keep building.

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    The rubber band holder is before the green rods, making your statement invalid, second, the body holds up because I'm using GIANT rubber bands, I took off the stock and used it in a different project, I might post that new project soon, Plus, I use the stock for quicker reloads.

    DR. R is still right about the body being weak, even with the rubber band. You can see in the picture that the barrel is bending in the middle, and it would be worse if it was not supported by the floor.

    Build this and you will se what a sturdy gun is like.

    It's nice to see people that are posting though.

    There is a middle orange bar for the arrows to rest on, so no

    and ik the handle is bad, you can fix that by butting a bunch of connectors on it.

    for example green connectors all over the handle, I already have that built from someone else's gun.