So after my last Delorean - project i wanted to go more epic... so the idea was to build a "real" snow speeder sled.

Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started

Materials used:

-Plywood 8 mm

- 2x4 planks

- pvc pipe scrap

- screws

- woodcolour

I did not make big plans and worked pretty freehanded and minded ;)

Step 2: Scaling and Starting With Main Bodyparts

Picture of Scaling and Starting With Main Bodyparts

There is no mutch to explain... just look at the fotos :) they are almost step by step

Step 3: Adding Details

Picture of Adding Details

i used scrap pipes from my elevtric installation, pipes from my ventilationsystem etc

Step 4: Test Colour

Picture of Test Colour

first i tried with spray cans to see how i want to do the coloring

Step 5: Coloring Up + More Détails

Picture of Coloring Up + More Détails

So i tryed to give it a used look so i started with layers of black and grey an light grey until i got my result

Step 6: Mounting Frame on Sled

Picture of Mounting Frame on Sled

This step was pretty easy, i took of the old seat from the sled and used a plank to fix on the frame, this is the new seat and so i could use the same bearings

Step 7: Finishing Work

Picture of Finishing Work

Step 8: Ready for Batlle

Picture of Ready for Batlle

So finally finished and ready for test ride,... but there is still no snow over here,...

but wait ah today it fell some snow and i can give it a test ride... maybe ill post a video ass soon ass im back from hoth :)


jedii72 (author)2017-11-17

That's awesome!

inconceivable1 (author)2017-11-15

looks cool

MillennialDIYer (author)2017-11-15

Someone really needs to mash this up with a Go Cart!

YaënD (author)2017-09-07

Great !

Patrick LASCHETTE (author)YaënD2017-09-08

Thx again

bethmwl (author)2017-08-04


thank you

Patrick LASCHETTE (author)2017-02-08

thx, i am still waiting for a good snowy landscape to give it a testride :)

This is so great! I can't wait to see it in action!

seamster (author)2017-01-13

Whoa, this looks so cool!!


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Bio: ...i am just an avarage guy with an regular job...and some crazy ideas... so live and let diy ;)
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