The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly important for traffic monitoring, smart homes, smart parking management and other industrial applications. With the continuous development of the IoT, more and more “things” will be able to access to the IoT. In this project, I have proposed an intelligent patients monitoring system to monitor the patient automatically with the help of IoT (more specifically connected sensors network) that collects the status information which include patient's heart rate, ECG, SPO2, body temperature, humidity, blood pressure, unexpected body movement etc. and sends these data to the cloud. As a result, patient's doctor and nurses can see his current health condition. In case of emergency if the patient's health condition is not stable (critical), the system automatically sends a push notification to doctors and nurses. This would help the doctor to monitor his patient from anywhere as well as helps the patient's relatives to view his (patient) health condition remotely(with limited access).

What is Patient Monitoring

Continuous measurement of patient parameters such as heart rate and rhythm, respiratory rate, blood pressure, blood-oxygen saturation, and many other parameters have become a common feature of the care of critically ill patients. When accurate and immediate decision-making is crucial for effective patient care, electronic monitors frequently are used to collect and display physiological data. Increasingly, such data are collected using non-invasive sensors from less seriously ill patients in a hospital’s medical-surgical units, labor and delivery suites, nursing homes, or patients’ own homes to detect unexpected life-threatening conditions or to record routine but required data efficiently.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology which was first proposed to study RFID by Ashton, Professor of the MIT Auto-ID Center in 1999. IoT is a major drive to support service composition with various applications. It enables objects surrounding us with the ability to communicate each other through the Internet. The popular architecture of IoT is illustrated in Fig.1. It consists of three layers: Perception layer, Network layer and Application layer. Sensors, Actuators, RFID tags and other smart terminals are connected to the IoT from the perception layer. Network layer is responsible for the communication between “things” and human beings. Abundant applications are provided by the application layer.

Proposed System

The block diagram of the system shown in Fig.2. Genuino 101 (IoT Development Board) is used as a main controller of this system. All the others sensors are directly connected with it. An Ethernet shield is used for connecting the board with the cloud. All the hardware components of this system are listed in (things section). The thinger.io IoT platform is used for real time data streaming and visualization. Fig.3 shows the mathematical notation of sensors and threshold level and the mathematical model for emergency call of this system.

Step 1: Prerequisite

The Mobile application of this project has developed using Intel XDK. I have used Thinger.io Cloud Platform for IoT cloud. All the code is written using Arduino IDE.

Necessary software requirement

  • Arduino IDE
  • Intel XDK
  • Thinger.io Account
  • knowledge about Mobile application development
  • Internet Connection

Hardware requirement

  1. Arduino 101
  2. Arduino Ethernet Shield
  3. Power supply 12V
  4. Breadboard
  5. jumper wires
  6. Breadboard Power Supply
  7. Heart Rate Sensor
  8. ECG sensor
  9. Blood Pressure Sensor
  10. Push Button
  11. Buzzer
  12. LED
  13. Humidity sensor
  14. Temperature sensor
  15. Movement sensor
a lot of thanks Mohammad. I'll try for it as soon as I can. Well done!
<p>You are welcome.</p>
<p>Nice one&gt; During my engineering final year i made Smart ambulance patient care,in which i used GSM module for sending sms of patient body parameters such as heart rate,body temperature etc. </p>
<p>Thanks Sam :-)</p>
Arduino 101 er daam koto Bd te??
nice project.
<p>Thanks :-)</p>
<p>I don't know exactly. </p>
The most interesting instructable i've ever seen. Where can I see the code?
<p><a href="https://github.com/Mohammadsalahuddin/genuino_contest">https://github.com/Mohammadsalahuddin/genuino_cont...</a></p><p>The Arduino source code will be available on 25 March 2017. </p><p>(sorry for late)</p>
<p>I am unable to share the Mobile apps source code (source code contains my own user credentials and Its only connected with my IoT Cloud Account), APK file not works if my device is not running. I will share the Arduino source on my git repository as soon as possible. keep eyes on it.</p><p>Best, </p>
Github username: I cannot find your github acount. I tried for uddin_bangladesh, mohammad salad uddin (from youtube). Can you tell me your github usrrname please?
Ok, I see it. Well done and very interesting!

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