Real life Minecraft Jukebox

Hello Minecraft fans!
Today we will be making a Minecraft jukebox that can play actual CD's!
Skill level needed: 2.5/5
Price: 2/5
EDIT: The subwoofer can be substituted for a better speaker if you have one that is the same size.

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Step 2: Connections.

I got an adapter for the dvd player to connect to the subwoofer.
Not too hard to connect.
Look at the pictures for more info.

Step 3: Fitting it into the box.

What we did was set the dvd player on top of the subwoofer in perfect balance so it would stay stable.
Cut a hole on the top of the box to create a open area for the dvd player so you can input CD's.
We also taped the subwoofer down to prevent it from rocking.

Step 4: Printing the textures.

Print the textures for the box that are attached in the zip file.
Unzip the zip file and print the textures

Step 6: Putting on the duct tape!

Picture of Putting on the duct tape!
Just put the brown duct tape where the masking tape is overlapping it and thats about it!

Step 7: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product

This is the final product!!
Check the video out to hear it play!

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