Step 3: Paint Job and Done!

Paint your poops white first, it will help the brown paint to look more realistic. Actually, I used two different brown colors to make them look even more realistic.
If this a one-time-prank just let them dry and you are ready!
If you want keep your masterpiece and prolong his life for future pranks, you should lacquer it. Lacquer will make it shine a little bit and help the paint stay on it.
You should put this next to someone's face before they wake up.
Lol, threw this on my bro :P He thought that it was real and I just started loling. Like it.
Laughing out loud-ing?
Corn... Yep!! I do believe that would be a nice addition ;D
can you add some brown food coloring to make it look more like pooop
¡ LOL ! :D !!!! :D !!!
I'm glad you liked it :-)

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