Step 4: Eyes

Picture of Eyes
The genius of the mask is in the eyes. You can find these novelty alien sunglasses online or at the costume shop. Mine cost about $5, plus $5 shipping. Then I found another one-dollar pair at the thrift store.

1. Cut the lenses apart, and cut off the arms.

I used a rotary tool for this. You might also be able to use some heavy duty shears or a hacksaw. I don't recommend trying to snap them with your hands. You might crack the frames around the lenses.

You should now have two separate, individual lenses still framed by their plastic rims.

2. Sand off the nubs.

I used a the rotary tool.

3. Decide where to place your lenses and trace them onto the mask.

Stick your head into the mask and use a sharpie to mark where your eyes are. Center the lenses on the dots to maximize your visibility.

I rotated the lenses 180 degrees so the "pointy" end was down rather than up. It looked less feminine that way.

4. Cut out the eyes of the mask.

Cut them smaller than the lenses so that the lenses will still have a small shelf to rest on when you attach them.

5. Attach the eyes!

Line the rim of the eye holes with a ribbon of salt dough and press each lens onto the salt dough. Let it dry for several hours or all day.

If you like, you can leave a gap in the ribbons of salt dough to allow some ventilation of the eyes so they don't fog up during your Halloween 5k. Unfortunately I didn't think of this until after.

6. Once dried, cover the lens frames with papier mache.

Mix up some more papier mache mixture and add some strips around the lens frames to blend the eyes into your mask. This will allow you to paint right up to the edge of the lenses later.