Step 73: The Lion Mask Build

There we go, with the nose in place I was able to define the muzzle of the lion and get the desired fur pattern for the customer into place. Yep he's gonna be a realistic looking lion
I have a question. I was wondering if there was an alternative for the night vision? I have this costume I want to make but the night vision is too hard to create for a beginner like me. This is awesome and I love all that you've done! Good Job!!!!!!!!! :D​
I'm glad to see your page here. I am still loving the snow leopard with the scar over the eye. That's was years ago. Thank you!!
<p>Waow, I'm really amazed! This is some very impressive work!</p>
<p>Solion how much would it cost for you to make one for me so I can give it to my son for Christmas.</p>
<p>Do you have tips to rigg this for a quad suit instead? Im making steven's as part my plan.</p>
Anybody else think of Luna? :)
Astonishing. Astonishing. Astonishing.
For daytime use wouldn't it be easier to just use mirrors to adjust the eye spacing instead of all the electronics?
Yes and no , In this case it is also to allow for night vision with IR illuminator and the new systems now can connect android . raspberry pi for augmented reality
Solion, I've been a fan of yours for YEARS. Thank you for sharing this instructable!
Amazing job! I love the blend of sculpting and technology. I always try to span the two in my costumes. The mesh and foam you used seemed to work great. Could you post a link to a specific product similar to what you used?
Very awesome. How do you know this stuff so well?!:D
I was a mechanical engineer before I was an Artist. I built robots for battlebots and worked as network/hardware engineer for IBM. I am now full time working on my art lionofthesun.com . You can see some of my newer stuff here http://thundolis.deviantart.com/gallery/
Great! Art is such a wonderful thing... I'm entering the clay contest with a how-to on sculpting a clay autumn dinner; pumpkins and all!
Great! Art is such a wonderful thing... I'm entering the clay contest with a how-to on sculpting a clay autumn dinner; pumpkins and all!
Very awesome. How do you know this stuff so well?!:D
Amazing work with a superb final product. <br>I'm inspired to try something similar! Thank you for posting this!
What an amazing instructable!One question though: I looked online and i cant seem to find the i-movie glasses you specify. There are just a bunch of 3D ones and ones for iphones. Have the makers gone out of business, or, if not, where do you get the glasses from?
Teeth are a plastic set from taxidermy supply , but I have my own molds now and it allows me to make a much better looking lion overall since I can actually carve a lion skull from foam to build off from. here is an updated lion . http://www.lionofthesun.com/gallery.php?L1=photo&amp;L2=Masks%20and%20Full%20Fursuits&amp;L3=Laeonis%20Lion%20Mask&amp;L4=1051&amp;L7=new
this is amazing, i was just wondering where did you manage to get the teeth from? <br>the only ones i can find are plaster replica's
What a sexy beast.
Really realistic and well-made. Nothing close to store bought--- perfect construction and helpful instructions. Great job!
this could be perfect if you add some small servos to the ears and snout and some soft flex sensors behind the ears and under the eyes to make the ears twitch and the snout snarl
very, very cool, the addition of night vision means you can keep wearing the mask even after the sun has gone down, but i want to know, how did you make it so the jaw moves with your mouth? <br><br>5*s man, 5*s.
thats amazing. would do that if i had the money, haha there awsome makses.<br><br>have you thought about using old camcorder digital viewfinders? there more like &pound;30 for the pair rather than &pound;400<br><br>also you should add more leds to take advantage of the ir camera i think,<br>Dan
could use the optics to make splinter cell goggles
What kind of fur is that? And where can you get it?
Try this place: http://www.nftech.com/index.html<br> They are expensive, but super-awesome high-quality furs they offer.
So this halloween will we be seeing a body as well?
Dayum! This is intense!
I spot a reference to Halo in this ible.&nbsp; (number of steps)<br />
I'm sure that was unintentional, but nice observation.
Of course it is, this is the longest instructable on the site so far.
my hat is off to you for an accomplisment of technology and art in harmony. For my part I always wanted to convert a motorcycle helmet, (or even just buy a PVS-7 for my kevlar pot) but i'm not an artist enough to make such a great looking mask. A good choice the lion, the king of cats with his super senses, and you made the king of masks!
do you think reinforceing and modifieing this to make a motorcyle helmet is a good idea
WTF this is the longest instructable ever !! 117 steps but the result is great !! 5*
im contemplating on the jaw system.. can you make an ible or explain how that is done? thank you
Before you buy iTheater glasses: I ordered a pair of iTheater glasses (now half-price) from a seller on Ebay, only to find that they changed the way the TFT&nbsp;screens are powered. Rather than a hard-wired hot and ground from the board to the TFT (made by MicroEmissive Displays), the power is diverted through the flexible ribbon cable! Imagine my dismay. There is no way I can find to power both TFTs from one board, no matter the configuration. I'm considering using both pairs of TFTs, with the screens I&nbsp;don't need hidden off to the side maybe... Definitely a expensive disappointment. Here is an article I&nbsp;found while searching for datasheets and solutions. http://bit.ly/bWyptX Thanks for this amazing tutorial. I made one myself last year and it worked brilliantly for everything I&nbsp;wanted.
Where did you buy the fur from?<br />
&nbsp;Could it be done in an Half-Summer plus 2 month of school? &nbsp; Want one for next halloween
very many steps,but thank you this is amazing mask<br />
imagine crawling in a bush around <br /> an enclosed neighborhood...<br /> <br /> ahhhh, then you will be part of an elite<br /> group known as nerds.<br />
that is an awesome mask! it would be a hit at my school since our mascot is a lion ;P
HOLY S***!!! that's a lot of work...i'm impressed
Congratulations good sir. You obviously spent hours of blood sweat and tears on this project and it has paid off. Just an idea. Wearing it as a mask is alright but it would be uber cool to make a fully working robot lion that was remote controlled and sent you its video and audio back to your laptop. MASS PANIC!!! MASIVE FUN!!!
That is probably <em>the</em> most realistic looking mask I have ever seen. Better than store bought, better than low budget movies, oh man. AMAZING.<br/>

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Bio: Artist/Engineer of my own company , only been doing the art side of my work for 3 years now
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