This project is my attempt at creating a duct tape rose that is as realistic as possible.


Step 1: Materials

Red duct tape (about 3-4 ft. per rose)
Green duct tape (about 2-3 ft per rose)
Red marker
Green marker
Floral wire (or other stiff wire) (about 10 ft)
It is so easy way <br>
<p>this is a awesome project!!!! (: (: (:</p>
Thank You
Excellent project for older kids at our Minecraft themed days!
<p>I made these with my Scout group the other year for valentines day. We used straws covered with green tape for the stem.</p>
Cool. Thanks for sharing.
<p>Thanks so much for the write-up! Just made this one and it looks fantastic (if I do say so myself :D)</p>
Lightbulb!!! Valentines day gift!!!
So Cool <br>
Ilove it i will try it !!
I made these for my wife on Valentine's Day............Earned me some major points!!!! Who says art can't be functional???? Mine didn't turn out quite as nice as in the video though. Still, Gotta give it 5 out of 5 if I can figure it out!!
I made these today with my teenage students in my art class and they came out cool. We found that we don't need to use wire for every single petal - the tape is OK without the wire. We struggled to get the outer petals to stretch out once the tape was curled around the main bud section - the petals could be peeled back but not wide and curvy like yours.
One things that I found that helps when making wider flowers is changing the angles that you wrap the tape. If you angle the tape so that it goes up a little instead of wrapping straight around, it pushes the petals out more. You can also get some curve in the petals by simply creasing the tape.
Thanks - one of the best of these that I have seen. The addition of the wire and coloring the edges makes a big difference. <br><br>FWIW, I did not have easy access to floral wire, so I used a disposable chopstick as the stem, and had some thin copper wire that I cut into ~1.5&quot; lengths to get a similar effect. There is plenty of copper wire at the home stores where you buy duct tape.
You can really use any thin stiff wire. I have seen people use twist ties in similar crafts.
Nice finished product and very clear directions - two thumbs up! <br> <br>These would even be waterproof enough to rinse off when they get dusty; a common problem with dried and artificial flower arrangements.
I've gotta' try those. I wonder where you'd find those colors of duct tape?
You can find it at most hardware stores and big box stores. Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. You can find it all over the place. And you can order it online if you want something specific. http://duckbrand.com/Products/duck-tape.aspx
Very beautiful!
I was looking for a project to use all the cool colors of duct tape I saw at the &quot;Big Box Store&quot;! Thanks
This is a Must Do for me. Thank you!
very cool.
Neat! They turned out very pretty. :D

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