Picture of Realistic Halloween Dead Man Prop
This is an easy way to create halloween props that are very realistic and scary. It can be made from stuff you have lying around your house or bought very cheaply. Also extremely good results can be achieved in very little time. The design is very flexible a can be changed to suit your needs.
Disclaimer: The author is not liable for anything that results from the procedures and activities outlined in this instructable.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
halloween 033.jpg
This stuff can probably be found around your house. Materials:
Newspaper (one or two days worth)
2 Old shirts or jackets, one with long sleeves
Halloween mask (or something else for head)
Long pants
gloves or fake hands
corn syrup
red and blue food coloring (and something to mix them with)
Twine or string
Rope (if the prop is going to be hanged)
Plastic hanger
Scissors or something to cut shirt
Cardboard Tube

Step 2: Stuffing the Legs

Picture of Stuffing the Legs
halloween 036.jpg
To create a life size prop you need a solid lightweight body. This can be achieved through stuffing some old clothes with newspaper.
First grab one sheet of newspaper.
Second crumple it loosely.
Then insert it into the legs of the pants from the waist and pack it in until it looks like the right shape.
The ankles of the pants may need to be tied so that the newspaper won't fall out.
Do not stuff the shirt yet.

Step 3: Creating Torso Support Frame

Picture of Creating Torso Support Frame
This frame will support the upper body of the prop. It is created by tying a coat hanger with 2 pieces of twine tied from the sides of the hanger to the belt loops on the stuffed pants. Adjust the length of the twine to achieve the proper proportions.

Step 4: Stuffing the Torso and Arms

Picture of Stuffing the Torso and Arms
Next put the short sleeve shirt on the hanger, followed by the long sleeve shirt on top of it.
Stuff it inside the short sleeve shirt, except with the arms (do first) and then the rest of the body by reaching up through the bottom of the shirt until it is the desired shape.
Don't forget to build up the shoulder and neck areas to support the head.

arpoky4 years ago
I'm not sure how many Instructables I've seen with a "tag square" inside a "tag square". I hate when people do that, because I can't read what is inside it.
How do u think of these things man u are brilliant!!!
jumpertoad5 years ago
this is all to freacky (fainting) 911! 911!
finnrambo5 years ago
 might make a little kid call the police though
dkfa5 years ago
Could you modify the noose and take a person and put him in the body, then scare people? =P I can imagine it already!
drumroll11 (author)  dkfa5 years ago
Yes if you made a harness for the body (like a chest harness or something) and just ran the cord through were the noose connects and had a fake noose  it would work pretty good.