Realistic Hallowe'en Severed Finger Cookies are fun and easy to make for kids and adults. Here i will make plain human, and green witch versions (just add green food colouring with the wet ingredients).

I am using plain sugar cookie dough from scratch, but you can use whatever cookie dough you want, you can buy the dough pre-made if you want. Adding peanut butter would be simple and easy.


Mixing bowls
Wooden or other large spoon
Small teaspon
Small paintbrush (or possibly Qtip)
Cookie sheet (optional aluminum foil)
Paper Towel
Plastic Baggie (for green version)
Oven or toaster oven

Creepy Tray for serving


Sugar Cookie Dough (2 dozen cookies)

1 cup white sugar
2/3 cup margarine or butter
2 Teaspoons baking powder
Pinch salt
2 eggs
2-3 cups flour
2 dozen almond slices ( or pumpkin seeds if you have allergies)
some dry  hot chocolate powder mix, cocoa, cinnamon powder or other brown powder


2 dozen mini white marshmallows for bones
red and green food colouring

optional blood:

red icing ( 1/4 cup icing sugar and a bit of butter/margarine), red jam, or something red to hold the marshmallow "bones"

Step 1: Making the Cookie Dough

  1. Preheat oven to 375F
  2. Put 1 cup of white sugar and 2/3 cup margarine/butter in a mixing bowl and cream the butter (mix it with large or wooden spoon) until it is a uniform paste.
  3. Add both eggs, salt, baking powder, and any optional flavouring, and mix thoroughly
  4. If you are making green witch fingers, add a few drops of green food colouring now while it is wet, and mix
<p>Hi my cookies keep cracking along the top, is there any way to prevent this?</p>
Great &quot;finger food&quot; for Hallowe'en &amp; excellent instructable but please, don't blow the powder off unless your want to infect all your guests with your germs!
This is a awesome idea and I just want to put it on my brothers pillow and red die to scare him!!!!;D
Mmmmmmm..... Always wanted to eat a finger!!!:p
I just vomited a little. In my mouth. No, wait...it's on the floor too. <br> <br>I LOVE IT! I MUST do this for my Halloween party this year! AWESOMESAUCE!
Very cool Halloween theme for kids and adults alike! My favorite till now has always been the severed hands made from lime jello in a latex glove.
Nice cookies. I'm going to have to try them. Just wanted to who this anyway a second grader? Can't spell worth a damn.
Sorry, i mistyped 3 words (pumpkin, kindergarten, and teaspoon), didn't capitolize &quot;I&quot; once, and duplicated &quot;should&quot; once. The rest is English with proper spellings including all the u's not whatever &quot;Merikuns&quot; think is English. <br>
...&quot;just wanted to who this anyways&quot;.... <br> <br> <br>Really now. Practice what you preach some much if any?
I laughed when I saw this in the Instructables newsletter, my mom makes these every year for Halloween, and I was just about to make a batch with her and make an Instructable on it!<strong>&nbsp;Nice work!!!!</strong>
<em><strong>Great job</strong></em><strong>..</strong>.looks so real and your presentation is on the money...childs play..cant wait to make them
thanks!! <br>
Congratulations, Very cool!
Mmmmmm, Lady Fingers. <br> <br>It's finally ok to give someone the finger!
Here's some I made last year with slivered almonds as the &quot;crunchy bones&quot;. some people refused to eat them because it 'grossed them out', haha (a job will done!). <br>I did the same with a chopped hand bday cake (see pic) using almonds for the bones, and everyone loved that 'extra touch'. I like the pretzel idea though too, because it's a little extra &quot;CRUNCH' when you eat the cookie.
oh wow. These are seriously great!! Full marks for creativity and not using anything ready-made. They look fantastic and may be a reason unto themselves to throw a Halloween party! <br> <br>Thanks for the inspiring post! <br>and Happy Halloween!!
They look great! Very funny and interesting recipe. Thanks for sharing.
these are so cool..I love this!!!
someone suggested putting straight pretzels in them to simulate CRUNCHING BONES...good idea i will have to try that
that's a good idea...the tiny little straight pretzel sticks.
Very nice indeed! :-D
Grandkids loved making your finger foods! Easy to make and most ingredients <br>already in the house. Thanks for a great idea! Too bad you can no longer hand out homemade things at Halloween!
Very awesome and very realistic!
looks delicious in a way that conflicts my visual and taste sensors haha. it's creepy and gruesome, yet still a complete, tasty cookie that doesn't throw together random things just for looks. very detailed, and a great way to spook out guests any time of year ;) good job!
Gives a new meaning to: &quot;Finger food&quot;! <br>
really quite gruesome, wouldn't stop me eating them mind... mmmmmm tasty :)

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