!Notice! I've made something similar that is a lot better so check it out here.

OK well we already have two very good knex uzis on the site but one is rather bulky and doesn't look very realistic. The other one looks a lot better but it only uses green rods which I dislike. I decided to make my own that combines the best of both worlds and made a pretty realistic looking uzi that uses darkgrey connectors for ammo.
I'll get a piece count eventually.

I'm starting my new campaign for seeing who the best knexers are by seeing who is willing to add this list so please do the same with your Instructables or feel the shame of not being honest...yup whether you think so or not you aren't going crazy it's your conscience that's bothering you so post this exact same thing (or slightly modified paragraph) so that it may spread.
Started by TheDunkis

-Auto load in the handle *Will be able to use the removable clip mechanism found in my Side arm instructable right here
-Uh honestly I can't list anything else without trying to brag and sound dishonest

-Not a good trigger
-Magazine isn't super reliable
-I can't quite remember how well it performed but I don't think the barrel was good friction wise.

Step 1: Barrel/mid Gun

This is the what pretty much holds the whole thing together.
Just look at the picture. If your still having problems figure it out then do the top part first and then on that add the white rods where you are supposed to then add the connectors and turn then to get them in the position shown and finally connect with green rods. The rest after that should be easy.
I have an easy mag fed gun that holds 27 bullets in the removable mag, check it out by clicking on my name and then it will come up.
man... i jus want an easy mag fed knex gun not one that will take 4 hours to build
lol does it shoot?
dude horrible trigger design the first mili second i saw string i put in my most simplest true trigger design to this and its a charm *4 starz*
that is a terrible design I built it and it brouk right away
Thank you. It's my second oldest gun. I don't even know why I have it posted anymore seeing how I get comments like this.
I have made a mac 10 and i post it soon.
im working on a knex mac 10 its nothing special, but i really like it
I made a mac 10/11-ish weapon already but good luck.
thanks, but it is decentley powerful for its desighn (and obviosly has a true trigger)
this was so easy, hellen keller could do it. lol
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nice gun 4 stars
GREAT WORK! 4 stars.
I am kind of scared to build this, but I built the MAC 10
Nah don't the Mac is so much better. This was one of my newb guns. I was going to make it better but I just don't care for the gun anymore.
great gun but the string trigger isnt tat good but its still great
yeah thanks. I'm replacing this gun with my Mac-10/11 later today. It uses a true trigger but it's in front of the magazine. It's still pretty strong. Also it's 99.9% reliabe which I don't know so much about this gun. It's old and I remember I didn't fire it that much.
yea that will be cool cold you try a mp5 that ould be cool
Don't we have a good enough MP5? I already made an MP5k it would be too much the same for me. Maybe someone could mod it to have an extra shell to make it look like a normal one.
99.9% is correct.
i came up with a good trigger but it makes ti a little less powerfull
its me the g36c guy but have you ever thought of making like a pistol with a clip that actually comes in and out of the hand like a .45 standerd swat issue sorry i know alot maybe to much about guns...
I know a lot about guns too and that's why I like replicating them with knex. It just so happens that this morning I got a little curious...yup! That's right I finally made a removeable clip! It will work for both this uzi and my pistol (TDS) it's pretty fugly by itself but it blends well with my pistol when inserted. It woks pretty well too although it is slightly sloppy. I don't want to spoil too much but basically it is a holder for an auto push rod that goes on and off of the bottom of the handle. I'll keep the secret of how I made the clip to go in with it (they are one piece together) until I post it.
So do I. Why else would i have 3 full gun cabinets?
don't brag about it
It's cool. We've chatted enough for me not to consider him to be braggig. Also I know a lot about guns so I didn't really consider it braggin in the first place.

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