I had been looking through the pages for a lego minigun and just could not find one that I thought was realistic enough. So here is one that i made in my spare time. If enough people like it and rate, I'll make an "ible".

awesome but spray paint the yellow Handel so it look's more cool
Dude, this would look awesome on a Lego helicopter.
Yea, i think it would look the best on the lego halo falcon helicopter set.
thats comepletly amazing. can a minifigure hold it?
Yes, actually that's what the yellow bar is for. The minifigure holds the gun at that point.
does the tripod have three legs or two if two its a bipod
It has 2 LEGO technic right angle adaptors as the front legs, and a lego technic black peg as the third leg in the back.
k :P
how do u build that?
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one of the most realistic ive saw good lob keep up the good work

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