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I had been looking through the pages for a lego minigun and just could not find one that I thought was realistic enough. So here is one that i made in my spare time. If enough people like it and rate, I'll make an "ible".


SGT. Desert (author)2012-08-10

awesome but spray paint the yellow Handel so it look's more cool

monsterlego (author)2011-09-13

Dude, this would look awesome on a Lego helicopter.

Yea, i think it would look the best on the lego halo falcon helicopter set.

moocowdog (author)2011-03-23

thats comepletly amazing. can a minifigure hold it?

Yes, actually that's what the yellow bar is for. The minifigure holds the gun at that point.


Dumchicken (author)2011-03-05

does the tripod have three legs or two if two its a bipod

It has 2 LEGO technic right angle adaptors as the front legs, and a lego technic black peg as the third leg in the back.

k :P

ben potten (author)2011-01-15

how do u build that?

Matrix-technician (author)2010-11-02

Please remember to rate and subscribe.

Drydenthedark (author)2010-11-02

one of the most realistic ive saw good lob keep up the good work

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