Introduction: Realistic "Stick Figures"

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You all know your average stick-figure- giant head, stick body, never changing- its not very real if you ask me.  But today on my first instructable- I will teach YOU how to make a shockingly realistic, ever changing "stick figure".  I usually make these for small re-enactments of wars or backround people from a distance for art pieces.  I prefer drawing these pretty small- then they look even more realistic.  Enjoy this instructable- you'll also learn other ways to make these figures even more interesting! 

Step 1: Body

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        Draw an elongated rectangle- large side on top, small side on bottom, like in the picture.  Round off the edges a little and fill it in.  Remember to make these figures small so they look more realistic-  I only made them large so it can be easier to see.

Step 2: Head

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The next step is to draw the head.  Just add an upside-down test tube shape to the top of the body.  You dont want to make the head too high, but you also dont want it too low.  You should also make sure its centered and not too wide of too skinny.  Take a look at the picture.

Step 3: Legs

Picture of Legs

Now to make the legs.  Pretty simple- just two lines extending out the corners of the bottom part of the body.  But yet again- you have to get the proper size.   Your basically trying to aim for having the legs a little over the size of the body you drew.

Step 4: Arms

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Now to make the arms.  Draw a line out of the top two corners of the body. Yet again- you want the arms to be a proper size.  Extend them to about where you think the knees should be.  You can find where you think the elbow is and you can bend the arms.  Don't forget you can position the arms anywhere!

Step 5: Wrapping It Up

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One more thing to do before you're done with your stick figure!  Extras.  Extras can be ANYTHING!!!  You just have to use your imagination and add it on!  Check out the picture.

Congratualations!  Your done!  Tell me what you think of my first instructable in the comments, and have fun!

Step 6: Done!


BucketOfFish (author)2010-07-30

Wow, this was a lot more interesting than it sounded from the title. Thanks for sharing!


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