Step 4: Applying the Make-Up: The Base

Picture of Applying the Make-Up: The Base
Make-Up application is an art and can be very frustrating at times. The following is just a guideline based on how I applied my make-up, but should be adapted to each individual situation. I begin my application with some liquid foundation to give a base color to the application.

I coat the application evenly with foundation using a flat brush. Use a foundation that closely resembles your skin color. (Quick Tip: To save on expenses, purchase brushes and applicators from art supply stores as the selection and price is better then the applicators found at normal super-markets.)

Blend the foundation into your skin using a blending sponge. I used one of those cheap little foam triangles. (Quick Tip: Make your sponges last, rinse them off after every use to keep make-up from building up on them and rendering them un-usable.)

Once the blending is complete. I prefer to add a darker foundation around the wound with a pad to create some depth.

The darker foundation will highlight the wound and draw attention to it and away from imperfect blending. It will also give the appearance of bruising which is common with large wounds.