Step 7: Removing the Prosthetic

Picture of Removing the Prosthetic
Before removing the prosthetic I gently rinse off the blood. Since the make-up has been set it shouldn't wash off. It might fade slightly but that can be retouched when it's applied again at a later time.

After rinsing I remove the prosthetic by rolling the edges towards the center of the wound. Latex tends to stick to itself after curing, so powdering it with talc or baby powder will prevent this. Removing the latex should be relatively easy and painless unless it has been caught in some hair. Do not use any oil based products to remove the latex piece as the oil will break down its structure. You can purchase silicon oil that will remove latex and leave it intact, although shiny. The silicon oil is often expensive and not worth the trouble.

And there you go... you know have a re-usable prosthetic application of a wound that can easily be used at a later time. Although you will need to purchase some spirit gum (and spirit gum remover) to attach the piece to your skin. With a little Liquid Latex to blend the edges and some touch ups on the make-up, the wound can be ready to go again in no time.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and have learned some valuable information from it. Have fun creating horrendous wounds and scars.

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agerick3 years ago
this was my attempt but i used toilet paper mixed with corn flour and water and lots of fake blood (home made) and makeup...
fingertrap56 years ago
nice tutorial....here's my first try.
WOW! thats insane :D
Yeah right
That is Awesome, man. Especialy for a first try. My first attempt was nowhere near as cool. Congradulations. I think you've found your special talent.
Lol, I can FEEL the pain of taking that off right now. (Note, the hair)
dude thats really cool
dam thats awesome!
taylorvn6 years ago
If I did this on my neck (which would be moving a lot more then a forearm), would it not stick as well?
if you make it on your neck (as oposed to gluing it with spirit gum or something) it will certantly stay.
this is BRILLIANT. im dressing up as a corpse for halloween, and i'vefound that its been really hard to find a good tutorial for wounds andbruises- with pictures. but this is by far the easiest to follow and themost thorough. great job! XD
but you should probably have included a disclaimer and remind peoplethat they should first check if they're allergic to latex or fake bloodor even the makeup- wouldn't want them to get chemical burns (and yes,it seems like common sense, but alott of people don't ever remember orthink to check first.

Brilliant job on the tutorial anyway, i am really happy to have foundsomething like this and will be sure to follow your instructions when itry to scare the crap out of all my friends :D
wert4565 years ago
oooohhhh im getting creeped out
mikes6865 years ago
Awesome job. I cant wait to try this technique.
meyers5 years ago
what can i say great job
mudler6 years ago
hey good job i do this stuff all the time for my freinds. they all do home made movies and i do all the speacil fx. good job. (hint) the key is in the blending.apply some latex then pull out from the wound untill there is a very thin layer covering the suronding area the beter the blend the better the wound will look.
You make it look so easy! And great pictures! Can't wait to try this out!

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rastas0007 years ago
A quite comprehensive Instructable, hitting all of the high points and with a couple of really good pointers included. One of the best "step-by-steps" on this subject I have seen!!
Googopqp7 years ago
This is an awesome effect and for a pretty cheap price too, thanks a lot, I love how the up close shot looked really messed up too.
I want to puke. Nicely done. I'm looking forward to trying this out. Thanks for the instructable!
Congratulations! Unbelievable gross looking! The toilet paper edges are a nice touch.
ixaciyelx8 years ago