Picture of Realistic Zombie Makeup
Supplies needed: 
Light Corn Syrup
Corn Startch 
Cocoa powder
Red food coloring
Toilet paper
Elmers Glue
Medium/ Deep liquid foundation
purple eyeshadow
black eyeshadow
red/ dark pink eyeshadow
red grease paint
baby powder
light purple acrylic or grease paint.

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Step 1: Prepare

In a small mixing bowl mix 1/2 cup corn syrup, Tablespoon Cocoa, 1/2 oz red food coloring & tablespoon cornstarch with whisk. 

 Cover face & neck with with liquid foundation.
Using Elmer's glue, place several glue dots in clusters where you would like "scabs" on forehead & neck.  Allow glue to set for 10 minutes. 

Step 2: Skin Flaps

Using Elmer's glue, put a generous amount around eye ( be sure to make it in a large circle) this is the area you will want the ripped skin. Rip up toilet paper in 1.5 inch strips, make sure to rip the square edges off. Place toilet paper on glue around eye in about 2 layers, be sure that they are completely wet with glue. Allow to dry. 

Using the same method, put glue on one side of mouth where you want your jaw to be ripped. use same toilet paper technique. 

Step 3: Scabs

On glue dot clusters you made earlier, put pieces of oatmeal. These will feel loose but will stay on as long as you dont touch them. Allow to dry. 

Step 4: Veins & lips

Using a tiny paint brush or toothpick make vein like lines on forehead & neck using light purple acrylic paint or grease paint. 
After it dries, apply a light coat of baby powder to lighten. 

Cover lips in dark foundation.
Use purple eyeshadow on lips over foundation.